Ravens Cross April Althing

3/31/19 Althing

3:33 Alhthing opened by Ivar.

First business, Beth is running for BOD, Beth explains what the BOD is (local BOD has 1 representative from each park).

3:34 Beth explains why she wants to run, and why she would be perfect for it.

3:36 Vote for Beth for BOD

9 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Beth is now BOD.

3:37 Monarchy reports. Lokon is absent, but is not currently working on anything. Brises is working on endreign on April 27th. She is also looking for volunteers for end reign, Seader, calamity and tezerat agree to be servers.

3:39 Ivar explains what will happen at End reign, There will be infinite potatoes, and people are bringing desert. The RC questline will wrap up at end reign, there will be a boss fight. Ivar is planning a desert cook off to count the “saltiness” (bad attitudes) that we have been having at the park.

3:40 Zander announces that kingdom relic quest is the last week of April, but due to RC End reign they will try to reschedule. It will not be a normal relic quest, Zander is holding “The Festival of the Phoenix,” There will be minigames, where people can earn tickets for prizes. There will also be a pig chase courtesy of Melodious (who is super-fast).

3:41 Cynathia is taking over the RC Kid-gard program. The will need volunteers to help watch the children.

3:42 Zander is running for inter-kingdom BOD.

3:43 Brises announces that they need loaner garb for the park, and she will start bringing a loaner garb bag.

3:44 3/31/19 was the deadline to put in your intent to run for monarchy.

3:46 Zander talked about recruitment ads to bring more people to the park. If we become a grand duchy, we can give out 9th order awards. (excitement) He is planning many A&S nights and fighter practices in the near future.

3:48 Ivar announces that he wants to move the park days to the other side of the park, near the SCA. He says that moving to near the SCA would help both of our parks grow. (The Local SCA park is the Shire of Adlersruhe)

Devin says that Ravens Cross and the Adlersruhe could learn from each other, and create new friendships.

Beth is concerned about the kids, as we would be farther from the playground and bathrooms, and near a busy road (Washington). Ivar explains that this is what kidsgard is for.

Hetta (the SCA representative) says that they also have kids at Adlersruhe, and take turns watching them, so that the children to not get near the fighters, or the road.

Boots suggests that two or more parents/volunteers from both Ravens Cross and Adlersruhe could take shifts watching the kids at the playground.

4:00 Votes for moving to the new location

12 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstain. Motion passes, new location is West side of the park, North of the Basketball courts.

4:03 Skit announces that her two scribes, Cynathia and Asta are awesome.

4:04 Evermore hollow weapon master is 4/6/19 (next Saturday).

4:05 Indy is coordinating the Amtgard fighting area at YC3. Announcements for the amtgard portion of YC3 are on the triumvirate page, get on that Facebook page. They will be having a “monster mash” (“something like that”) and need people to donate monster garb.

4:07 Althing closed by Ivar and Foxy.