Ravens Cross August Althing

8.26.2018 Althing

3:03 Althing opens

Ivar explained what an Althing is for new players
-dues, etc

Old Business
-Neon’s request to use extra funds for promotional items
-pop up tent

-Zander pointed out that Monarch can spend 10% of funds without Althing approval per Corpora
-that in order for it to go to Althing vote it would have to be placed in the docket at this Althing and voted on in 30 days for people to be aware of vote
-Zander motions that we suspend Corpora for emergency vote to purchase promo items

13 for
1 against
0 abstain

Motion passes

-Zander moves to allow Neon to purchase items at $150
-2nd by Bethania

13 for
0 against
1 abstain

Motion passes


-Neon discusses a “Zero tolerance” policy against aggression
-Defined as anger on field, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.
-Penalty is being taken out of games for remainder of the day
-Neon is old

-Keabler announces that RC Quals is September 30
-Tri event and Coronation is October 27
-Neon brought up holding feast and court at park
-discussion was had in regard to weather, cost, etc.
-Zander suggested posting a poll on Ravens Cross page
-Ryuu will grab Advo building just in case

-Relic asked when feast was

Kingdom Announcements

-September 8 is Kingdom Weaponmaster and Althing in Ribble Park in Lubbock, TX
-AI has requested $1,000.00 from each Kingdom for Save the Name Campaign
-online voting for park tihngs
-September 1 is War with Emerald Hills in Abilene, TX
-Midreign will be in early November

No other business

Foxy motions to close Althing
Neon second
Althing closes at 3:16 pm