Ravens Cross December Althing

30 Dec 2018


3:20 Opens (start)
Approve bank account for Barony

Ivar explain the difference between Shire and Barony

Mutt agreed to look over bank account
Zander explain about opening account and explain that every 6 months the 2 people will change on the sign in for

3:23 Zander nominated self to watch over money

$474 in coffers

8 for Zander to watch over money
1 Abstained
0 no

3:25 Midreign Jan 26th Tri event
Ivar wants to open funds for event
Most $150
9 yes
0 no

3:27 Battle for the Ring event in CA, explain Dagohir

3:29 Discusses inter kingdom events

3:30 Vote to close Althing