Ravens Cross June Allthing

6.2.19 Allthing.

2:22 Allthing Opens

Skit brings up that we need guild masters as a barony, and we are voting on them today.

Warrior Defhawk volunteers, 1 vote yes, 0 no 0 abstain.

Archer Zander volunteers, as we have no players that play archer.

Assassin Skit volunteers. 3 votes yes

Barbarian Ivar and Seader volunteer. 3 votes for Ivar, 2 votes for Seader.

Bard Zander Volunteers, 2 votes yes.

Monk Relic is nominated as he is not present, 3 votes yes.

Scout Defhawk volunteers, 2 votes yes.

Druid Lokon volunteers, 2 votes yes

Healer Ryu is nominated, 1 vote yes

Wizard Asta volunteers, 1 vote yes

Anti Paladin Sir Boots is nominated, 1 vote yes

Paladin Sir Jeddak volunteers, 1 vote yes

Monster Skit volunteers, 1 vote yes.

All guild master votes were unanimous by people who have played that class. (except Barbarian)

2:30 Cynathia brings up mid reign is soon, and the monarchy has been discussing holding it at the Lake house at Thompson park. Cost for the Lake house would be $250, but it has a working kitchen, with an oven/stove, a fridge, and they provide tables and chairs.

We vote on taking the $250 out of the RC bank account for site, 6votes yes, 0 no, 0 abstained.

2:33 Ivar asks about fighter practices, Zander says there is a fighter practice at 6:00 Wednesday at the tennis courts at memorial park, and sometimes at zanders house. Ivar will soon be holding a fighter practice at 10:00 am Sunday mornings at memorial park.

2:36 Cynathia asks the allthings opinion on holding midreign on a Sunday, rather than Saturday, Ivar and Zander bring up the point that more people from out of town would come on a Saturday, Skit mentions that it seems rude to hold our midreign on Evermore Hollows park day.

Ivar motions for a vote on holding midreign on a Sunday, 2 yes, 3 no, 1 abstained.

A&S nights are held on Friday nights, if you would like to learn something, post on the Facebook page, and there may be someone to teach you.

2:38 Allthing closes.