Ravens Cross May Althing

3:55 Allthing opens

Skit brings up that Muttfest is may 19th, and we could have a demo. We would need to ask the event runners.

Ivar says that we usually have a small corner and stay out of the way.

If we don’t have a demo we could at least pass out flyers in garb.

3:59 YC3 is May 10-12. We will need people at the park Sunday so that people who see us at yc3 can come to the park also.

4:00 There will be fighter practices Wednesdays at site 3, and Sundays at 10:00am

At the Wednesday fighter practice there will be SKBC style practice

The Sunday fighter practice will use normal exercise for better muscle memory.

4:02 We get one credit a day.

Some fighter practices will have classes on different class skills.

The reign theme this year will be Orcs Vs. Humans

Orcs bad.

4:05 The Rules for the ongoing games will be on a table at the park.

Zander explained the rules.

4:10 There will be two relics

4:15 Orcs must die.

Motion to end, Motion seconded.