RC Emergency althing Feb 12 2023

Emergency althing mins.

Called at 3:20 by Laufi

Mutt is stepping down as monarch, Gara is stepping down as champion when he moves, expected to be soon.

Laufi calls for volunteers for both positions.

Foxy volunteers for monarch, Sevron volunteers for champion.

Laufi calls for vote by dues paid members for foxy to be monarch. 6 for 0 against. Foxy passes vote and is new monarch.

Laufi calls for vote for sevron as champion. 6 for 0 against. Sevron will new champion when Gara moves. Gara will still serve as champion until then.

Neon calls for anyone with awards to be entered to ork to contact him to get them entered.

Laufi calls to end althing @3:25 seconded by neon.

I have moved this post from the Other Discussion category to the Ravens Cross Chapters category.

@neon, please be sure to place posts in the correct category as correct placement is very helpful during audits.

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