RC July Althing

Neon Open - 4:20 pm

Old Business

1)Keabler is awesome
2) Also Spork is
3) Neon opens for comments on move to Paramount Park
Zander commented that it’s a good park, good shade, clean bathrooms, closer jungle gym, no major events. People discussed Pride event. Neon talks about doing a booth for events like Pride. Zander reminds althing that AIBOD has stated rules regarding using Amtgard as a brand. Neon tables that discussion to go back to discussion regarding park move. Ivar presents a list of pros and cons. Neon asks if we want to risk growth to move parks. Keabler doesn;'t want to move. Zander motions to amend petition to move parks into petition to move locations within current park. Seconded by Hiram.
10 For
0 Oppossed
2 Abstain

Motion passes

  1. Neon brings up Guildmasters and class tests
    Eligible to be GM if you have played a class in the last 6 mos.
    responsibilities include teaching new players, administering class tests, and working with champion on class battlegames
    We need to do GM elections
    Spork asks to table until she can collate credits
    Zander motions that we suspend elections for 1 week to allow PM time to make a list for people to vote for.
    Hiram and Sol second

12 For
0 Abstain

Motion passes

  1. Neon states that our Tri event is July 28th
    Hiram asks if there will be feast, Neon says yes

No New Business

Ivar announces intent to run, Lokon and Briseis are running with him.
Neon gives reminder about auction at Tri event to raise money to purchase things for the park.
Keabler points out Nevon’s super sweet belt.

Althing called at 4:48 pm