Skywatch Allthing Notes 07/30/2017

Start 1:38 PM

Old Business:

Opal Dragon’s Motion to request $100.00 in park funds for A&S Gift cards for prizes. //Cathan suggests setting a participation minimum of 3 for a prize to be offered. // Opal Dragon, Any unwon prizes will be returned to the park funds. A&S contest rules to Follow. Yay 5, Nay 2, Abstain 3 (Motion Passed)

Opal Dragon’s Feast Bids. We received a total of 2 bids. Kesic Black’s $70.00 Hotdog feast, and Hater Von Vader’d free Pizza Feast with $75.00 park funds to be approval in case something happens in the interrim //Cathan suggests $100.00 instead to be on the safe side , with unused funds going back to the park. Pizza Feast approved Yay 5, Nay 0, Abstain 2. (Motion Passed)

New Business:
Opal Dragon submitts a motion to approve $50.00 of park funds to reserve the pavillion for Sept 3rd. Cathan and Dack Volunteer to pat that fee. No vote needed.

Kaltegan: Motion that since we have a Habit of reserving the pavillions for events that a we should pre approve for future use $50.00 per event to avoid having to have constant votes 2nd Red Beard


Opal Dragon: A&S classes are not going well. She would like to see better attendance in the future. If there is something she can do to get people out to the classes let her know. Harmony indicates she does not use Facebook, so she does not see much of the A&S announcements. In addition Opal Dragon may possibly move A&S days due to conflicts with more info to come. She suggests possibly skipping Aug and possibly no Iron Dragon due to lack of interest.

//Opal Dragon: Food Fight Rep will be needed soon, to volunteer please speak with Opal

//Kaltegan: 5 Year Info Cathan has agreed to handle gate. We will need someone to volunteer for security to take care of safety. Locations are being looked at, such as SeeBee, but was unable to find space. //Opal indicates the only places she could suggest would be Ft Griffin and or State Park. //Kaltega, Still getting with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for options
In addition there will be 2 A&S events that you can participate in. One will be best in show style with awards and the other will be a grab bag style. // Opal dragon askes if there will be a fee , // Kaltegan unkown at this time.

//Rainai Aug 26th -27th Brownfield Kingdom Coronation

//Opal Lots of Fancy Going on

//Cathan Motion to close 2nd Drage

Closed 2:06 PM