Skywatch Allthing Notes 08/27/2017

Start 2:33pm

Old Business:

Kaltegan’s Motion for pre approved park funds to be used for reserving the pavilions for events. This motion would be a carp blanch approval of $50.00 max to be used to reserve the pavilions for events held at Nelson park for each Coronation and Midreign. The money would be earmarked for pavilion reservations only without prior allthing approval going forward. **Modification suggested, PM and Reg can rent and if the price changes it will need to come back to an allthing to vote.

Yay 5, Nay 0, Abstain 2 Passed

New Business:

//Kesic Motion to approve 250.00 of park funds to be used to rent “The Place” for the weekend. This amount will be combined with a 200.00 Donation and will get us the use of The Place for Friday - Sunday Morning. This amount includes the Gym, Tables, Chairs, and many other amenities. Dates to be December 2nd - 4th. 2nd Opal Dragon.


//Kesic King wanting 1x min perhaps 2 people per park to volunteer to serve as crown guard. Anyone interested please volunteer
Uther was knighted, and Rainai was raised to Lady/

//Opal Food fight challenge , if Kingdom raises 5k+ Zander will shave his beard. 1st park to raise 5k+ can shave lokon

//Kesic Next weekend Sept 3rd will be our Midreign Dragon Master tournament. 5 entries across 5 categories. Feast will be hotdog pot luck. Please sign up to bring sides.

Sept is Food Fight. Our Rep is Jeremy Badgers (Morteus). He has been talking to Walmart to see about having a booth to raise money for Food Fight Sept 15th and 16th.

Brian Fox Is Kingdom Food Fight Rep.

//Kaltegan Drake has volunteered to be Security Crat for the 5 year event. Kaltegan is the eventcrat

//Morteus suggests a gofundme account

//Cathan Motion to close 2nd Darius / Kaltegan

Closed 2:56 PM