Skywatch Allthing Notes 09/24/2017

Start 1:54 PM

Old Business:

Kesic’s Motion to approve $250.00 of Park funds to be used to reserve “The Place” to be combined with a $200.00 docation for coronation weekend Yay 4. Nay 0, Abstain 3 Passed

New Business: We have to vote in a new Pro Tem Champion. Ouranos nominated 2nd Kaltegan. Ouranos accepts the nomination. Yay 4, Nay 0, Abstain 3 Passed

New Business: None


Ophelia was going to put in for feast, while she may be able to cook it, she can’t provide it.

//Red Beard Will be Running for Monarch next reign

//Kaltegan Will be running for regent Next year

//Malek If you want to be reeve certified, goto our files on facebook and download the test and send it to him.

//Cathan Motion to close, 2nd Kaltegan 3rd Opal

Close 2:00pm