Skywatch Allthing Notes 10/29/2017

Start 2:11 PM

Old Business : None

New Business:

//Kesic Motion to approve $25.00 of park funds to be used to produce 3d printed coins 100+ as event favors for the December Coronation event. 2nd Opal

//Kesic Motion to approve $350.00 of park funds to supply event feasts 1 lunch, 2 suppers, 2nd Kaltegan


//Kesic Nov 18th Kingdom Midreign camping event at Brownfield. Kindgom Dragon Master. Will share link to event.

Nov 19th Skywatch Qualls, will need 2 others to reeve, ran by kesic and judges for Lady Opal Dragon

Decemner 1-3 Skywatch Coronation camping event. The cost will be 15$ for the entire event, or 10$ for day trippers. Event will open Friday at 2pm, court will be held Sat Night and we will need to vacate by noon on Sunday. Other items of interest will be Bardics, Firepits, A&S Grab bag competitions, Fight card, and Drunken Dragon. BYOB.

Park will then continue on Sunday with a normal Park day.

Irongate coronation is Next Sunday in Lubbock. Leaving by 9am and comming back that day/night.

Skywatch 5 year will has been set to April 27th. Cathan has agreed to do gate, Drake has agreed to do security. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are still being discussed and will be doing more discussion after the event.

//Kesic Kingdom invaded Nightglade and Skywatch went to support as part of the NightWatch.

//Kaltegan Motion to close 2nd Red Beard

Close 2:"25PM