Skywatch Allthing Notes August 2018

Skywatch Allthing 08/26/2018

Start 6:08 PM

Old Business: None

New Business:

Rainai wishes to end her Deportation, 2nd by Sterben.

PM Elections:

Cathan Volunteers, 2nd Ouranos

No other volunteers or nominations.

Yay 5, Nay 0, Abstain 2

Cathan is PM for another reign

GMR Elections:

Reeves met and voted, Malek is GMR again.


Rainai // War, Sept 1st at Nelson Park

Ouranos // CK sucks… EH Sucks

Rainai // Come to Wacks N Snacks / Fighter Practice

Rainai // Sept 8-9 Kingdom Weapon Master. Also Skywatch Food Fight at Walmart with details to be announced later.

E.H. Coronation Sept 29th

Motion to close //Malek, 2nd Lots

Closed 6:21 PM