Skywatch Allthing Notes February 2018

Skywatch Allthing 02/25/2018

Start: 2:32 pm

Old Business:

Kaltegan(Noble) // Motion to create a discretionary amount of park funds (10% or so) for the purchase of Prime minister related supplies such as receipt books, printing supplies etc. for the PM to perform his duties outside of allthing time tables and votes. The PM must keep the receipts and anything purchased would be the possession of the park. 2nd by Ouranos (Eric).
Votes: 4 yay, Nay 0, Abstain 2 Motion Passed

Kaltegan(Noble) // Motion to have created a log that documents all the motions that have passed previous, current, and future allthings, to be handed out along side hard copy prints of the capora and ROP. 2nd Malek
Discussion: Drake // It should be created and on hand for monarchy. It should only be handed out upon request and stored on Facebook.
Votes: yay 3, Nay 1, Abstain 1 Motion Passed

ER Motion: Kaltegan is having to step down, We have to have New Regent Elections:
Drake Nominated by Uther 2nd by Harlequin. Drake accepts.
Votes: 4 yay , 1 Nay, 1 Abstain Motion passed

New Business: None


Sterben(Morgan): //Kingdom Weaponmaster will be March 24th (Sat) with a 12PM sign-in time.

King Uther(Tony): // Kingdom WeaponMaster will be at buddy holly park in Lubbock.
Kingdom Midreign will be May 19th and they are actively looking for a site that would support a 3 day camping event and alcohol. Alcohol will be controlled if available.
June 2nd (Sat) will be the Kingdom Relic Quest, and allthing. The relic quest will be 2 teams, and 1 monster team. Seeded throughout the park. 2nd team will be hunters. Killing monsters gets players tokens. At the end of ½ hr tokens are turned in and teams are reversed. Tokens can be given but not looted. Turn in tokens whenever. The theme is Viking. Top 8 people get to pick of relics. Highest token to lowest. Tokes have point values.
Rumor has it that the kingdom phoenix will be present. Monster determines the killing blow. 2nd sat In June.
Kingdom is already talking to the corn maze for possible site Aug or Sept.
The reign is Viking themed and Nai is sponsoring 100 days of A&s join and show what you are working on.
Kingdom Quest board will be up within the next week. Random challenges will be posted per week along with bonus challenges. Completions = points, Points reported can be turned in to earn honorifics . More points can create your honorific but must be PG. Depending on supplies weapons may be put forth as awards. The more challenges the more things will be awarded. This will run all reign. Q: How are points tracked? A: Honor based , and reported to the appointed Point crat.
Kingdom is still looking for ideas on games and other things. See Regent Nai

Rainai: (Ashley)// Unsure the exact date , but Libcon wants us to participate in their cosplay chess Wed April 25th. Please volunteer and participate. Signup on Facebook

Motion to close: Cathan (James), 2nd Dack(Millican)

Close: 3:08 PM