Skywatch Allthing Notes January 2018

Skywatch Allthing 01/28/2018

Start: 2:11 pm

Old Business: None

New Business:
Kaltegan(Noble) // Motion to create a discretionary amount of park funds (10% or so) for the purchase of Prime minister related supplies such as receipt books, printing supplies etc. for the PM to perform his duties outside of allthing time tables and votes. The PM must keep the receipts and anything purchased would be the possession of the park. 2nd by Ouranos (Eric).

Kaltegan(Noble) // Motion to have created a log that documents all the motions that have passed previous, current, and future allthings, to be handed out along side hard copy prints of the capora and ROP. 2nd Malek


Kaltegan: //Skywatch Midreign & 5 Year will be a single day (Saturday) event due to a lack of location. Dragon master will be held along with all the other items planned for the event. Sunday will be a normal Park day.
In addition, Uther has created 10 ultralight short swords. Each sword will be $35 and the proceeds will be use for the 5 year event. (5$ for each sword will go to Uther for the materials, and the other 30$ will go for 5 year funding, a total of $300 if all 10 sell.
5 Year and Midreign cost has not been determined yet, but will be a prepay fee and day fee costs TBD.
Several people know that the monarch is broken. In addition Benji (Antininus Arralious) will be having surgery to replace a herniated disk. Please keep him in your thoughts. Should have word by next allthing.

Ouranos: // Kingdom Qualls will be next week Feb 4th in Lubbock. 2 weeks after that will be Kingdom Coronation which will probably be held in Brownfield.

Rainai: // May 17th or 18th of We may be hosting an Allthing to which may change how the online voting works slightly.

Motion to close: Malek (Dan), 2nd Harliquin (Alex).
Close: 2:32 PM