Skywatch Allthing Notes September 2018

Skywatch Allthing 09/30/2018

Start 3:14 PM

Old Business: Rainai wishes to end her deportation. It was 2nd by Sterben.

//Rainai: She has been deported for years, and is still here. She wants to come back.

//Drake: She wants to come back to EH?

//Rainai: No, she wanted to come back to GP

//Drake: With Skywatch being a conquered land, ending her deportation would mean she comes back to EH and not GP.

//Rainai: Withdraws the motion from the docket until Skywatch is back within GP.

New Business:

//Lagertha: Verifies dates for Qualls and Coronation. For Coronation, she is requesting funds for Pavilions for Johnson Park. Overnight Camping event. Don’t be stupid and go swimming. In addition, Alcohol will be allowed for those 21 years and over, so have your ID. November 18th and 19th. Also, for feast, wanting to do something different and have catering instead of with only 1 meal being provided for the event. Requesting $600.00 total ($200.00 Pavilions, $400.00 catering with an event fee of $12.00 to cover cost. 2nd by Rainai and Drake.


//Uther Reminder, Game running is not just for the champion and is not their primary function. They are the last resort. Run Games, Make the pack better by running and planning games.

//Uther Kingdom is still working on the details for kingdom midreign. With 3-day camping possibly. Still working out the details.

Also Remember if you are looking to get Reeve Certified, please reach out to your local or Kingdom GMR.

//Drake: So get Reeve Certified and Die

//Lagertha: SO Lance and her Moved into an New Apt and their complex has a Pavilion that can be sued but not reserved. Valance indicated is a Club house and not a Pavilion. They can do A&S there and ther eis no fee. Apt is The Residence located near the North Walmart and the Coca cola plant.

//Lagertha: Has a storage unit that can be used for Park storage. See Lagertha for more Info.

Motion to close //Rainai, 2nd Cathan

Closed 3:31