Skywatch April Allthing 04/21/2019

Skywatch April Allthing 04/21/2019

Start: 2:47

Old Business: None

New Business: Cathan 2nd Red Beard: Motion to be reimbursed for $50.00 that was spend for renting the Pavilion for May 5th


Ouranos: Next Sunday is Iron Gates Coronation in Lubbock. Anyone that can go should go.

Next Sat is Libcon, we have a booth on the 2nd floor. We need people to show up.

Rainai: Today is the last day to put in your intents to run for positions. Thus far we have: Red Bread for Monarch, Aleonna for Regent, Harliquin for regent. Must be dues paid at least 1 week prior. Running fee is $5 per position.

Drake: you Suck

Harlequin: Need volunteers for Anime Sekai. Please ger with him. Per Anime SekaiL They said they would get a large place to use.

Rainai: Still looking for Reeves and gate runners for End reign @ Fort Phantom Johnson Park. Event fee will be $10. Also still looking for for 3 Judges for A&S.

Aleonna: Withdraws her intent to run for Regent

Motion to close: Cathan 2nd Ouranos

Close: 3:01