Skywatch April Allthing 04/24/2022 and GM Elections

April Allthing 04/24/2022

Start: 4:15

Old Business: //Aleonna: Motion for the Proceeds from our July Coronation Camping event to be dontated to Kingdom. Q: Tink: Will this be all funds? A: Aleonna, Yes We have plenty of money in our coffers. 2nd RedBeard

Discussion: None

Votes: 5 Yay, 0 Nay, 2 Abstain (Motion Passed)

//Aleonna: Motion for the proceeds from our Midreign to be donated to Kingdom. 2nd Ten

Discussion: None

Votes: 4 yay, 1 Nay, 2 Abstain, (Motion Passed)

New Business:

//Elfrida – Motion to request Money for Endreign / Coronation. Amount is to be determined. 2nd Aleonna

Discussion: Ren Disagrees, and Braum Suggests multiple Households do Feasts.


//Aleonna - Coronation is July 23rd and 24th And will probably be at Johnson Park as the State park costs too much. More details to come.

What do we want to present for Kingdom 30 year? Point of Contact is Aleonna. Determine to get together.

Q: Braum – What does this entail? A: Something like a RP Tavern Class, Maid Café etc.

//Elfrida – Accepting bids for Feasts. 2 Meals looking for any parties willing to donate any meals they wish

//Aleonna – Midland Nine Willows Coronation April 30th .

Kingdom of Emerald Hills Camping event June 10th – 12th

GP Online voting will be going out so please be sure to look for your voting email if dues paid. The votes will be for bringing back various Orders of ‘’ awards along with other Capora Fixes.

Still working on recruitment drive

//Rainai – Dragon Master will be in person non Hybrid. Written entries are required to be submitted 1 week in advance with a Max of 3 pages.

Stay Awesome Skywatch, Q: How can a deported Druid be Kingdom Regent

Closed 4:41


Anti-Paladin – None

Paladin – None

Archer – Braum

Assassin – RedBeard

Barbarian – Elfrida

Bard – Cathan

Healer – Nyrian

Monk – None

Monster – Aleonna

Scout – None

Warrior – Sunaki

Wizard – RedBeard

Reeve – Ren

Druid - Rainai