Skywatch April Allthing

Skywatch Allthing April 04/30/2023
Open: 2:00
Motion by Kalin, 2nd Silent : 10 Year Anniversary Funds. Amount to be determined. Tabled

Motion by Kalin, 2nd Sunaki : Move Allthings for Skywatch to the Kingdom Server under Skywatch Field Channel. And to Sus out details later for Day and time. Tabled
Aleonna, 2nd Kalin: Funds for Endreign/Coronation. Amount TBD. Tabled

New: None
Kingdom Midreign May 20th
Kingdom Allthing next Saturday on Discord @ 7-7:30 ish watch for posts
Skywatch Endreign July 30th
Skywatch Crown Tournament July 16th
Kingdom Endreign Sept 1st – 4th

Silent has declared intent and meets qualifications
Yay 2, nay 0, Abstain 3 Silent is the new PM
RedBeard has volunteered as Prot tem
Yay 2, Nay 1, Abstain 2 *Redbeard is Protem GMR

Close: 2:23