Skywatch Aug 2 Allthing

Skywatch Allthing 09/04/2022

Start: 12:57

Old Business:

Aleonna, 2nd Braum: 100$ for Hydration station supplies for 30 Year. (Amount actually reduced to $75.72.

[Votes] 5 Yay, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain Passed

Aleonna, 2nd Kalin: Funds for feast and event [Midreign] Amount is to be determined. [Motion tabled for event]

Harlequin 2nd Aleonna: Funds for Boffers for Abilene Comic Con that is Dec 3rd and 4th. $150.00 being made by Uther. [Item Tabled]

GMR Elections:

Aleonna nominates Rainai, who accepts.

[Votes] 4 yay, 0 Nay, 2 Abstain Passed Rainai now GMR

New Business:

Aleonna 2nd Rainai motions to move Park start time back to 12 noon.



This month is Kingdom WM, Sept 17th Riddle Park. Extra credits total 3.

Moonlit meadow camping Endreign 23rd and 24th at lake

Irongate Bowmageddon Oct 15th Archery Tournament.

9 Willows having EndReign 3 day camping 28th – 30th

Kingdom Midreign Nov 5th

Foodfight food and funds for local food banks which is a inter kingdom competition. Prizes will be awarded. For questions see Alonna

Libcon Oct 8th , It will be a little different this year due to space. In addition, the location may be changed. We will have a panel and a 30 min demo ditch game and a booth. Will need volunteers. A sign up sheet will be posted soon

Close 1:17 PM