Skywatch August 2019 Allthing

Skywatch August Allthing 09-01-2019

Was late as we thought there was one more week in August.

Start: 2:15

Old Business: Harlequin // 2nd Kilt, Funds for EndReign/Coronation/ The amount is to be determined. Motion tabled until next all thing

Braum // 2nd Harlequin // To create a loaner weapon bag for field / newbie use. Braum indicated he would keep it. It was pointed out that it would fall to the next champion once his term ended though. // Drake // It comes to people having loaner gear there is no motivation to get their own. I’m a Hobo knight. //Harliquin motions to table until the next allthing , 2nd Cathan. Item Tabled

New Business: None

Announcements: Harlequin // Anime Sekai will be the 19th of this month – the 22nd. We will need volunteers for the event. Anime Sekai is also purchasing 14 loaner short swords for the boffer pit we will be running.

Drake // Laws changed today. And since AI is in a allot of legal areas smoking age has changed to 21 so technically we are supposed to enforceit so be aware.

Thendor // Nine willows End Reign Oct 26th. The theme , Hallows End and there will be night games.

Motion to close Drake, 2nd Cathan

Closed : 2:31