Skywatch Coronation December 2017

Posting this here for people without Facebook. Skywatch will be hosting our Winter Coronation on December 1-3rd. This will be a camping event. We are currently trying to keep event fee below $15 per person and will update this thread when I have that cost locked in.

“Nobles and common folk. To all walks of life be it human or otherwise, Count Kesic Black and Regent Lady Opal Dragon’s reign is coming to a close in a few short months and as such, they are extending an invitation to all to celebrate the past six months with everyone. The chaos that was wrought by the machinations of Count Black are coming to fruition. Will Skywatch be forever steeped in the despair it has brought? Prepare for food, fights, and fun on this 3-day adventure! December 1-3rd Skywatch will be hosting a camping event at “The Place” in Abilene, TX. This event will be complete with a Bardic, A&S competition, a roleplay Tavern, and plenty of games for everyone! Gates will open at 2 pm on Friday afternoon and we must vacate the property by NOON on Sunday. If you are interested in a shift for running the gate, please get in contact with Lady OpalDragon until further notice. The noon exit is for EVERYONE including those running the event so we will not be providing a breakfast that day and ask that everyone polices their camping site to the best of their ability to help our clean up crew to the best of their ability. The Drunken Dragon will be on site for a fun RP Tavern and Side quests will be open for people to have going on alongside the main games. The Monarchy just asks that they do not conflict nor interfere with the main games. The A&S Challenge will be a grab bag challenge with details to follow soon! We will also be playing Amtgard Bingo throughout the event. And yes there will be prizes!!
We have been working really hard on this event and are wanting to make this the best we can. If you really want to see something at this event please leave a comment or message Lady Opaldragon with your ideas! Get excited everyone! This event is going to be awesome!”
Lady Rainai Turnith
Warden of Skywatch

Facebook link to event page

~Schedule~ (Will be updated as I get stuff locked down)
2pm - Gate opens
6pm - Dinner Potato Soup
9am: Breakfast Build your own burritos ~Sponsored by House Ralaar~
1pm: Lunch TBD (let’s be real here, it’s Skywatch and will most likely be hotdogs)
5pm - Main Feast TBD
No breakfast.
Everyone must be offsite by 12pm.