Skywatch Dec Allthing

Skywatch Dec Allthing 1/01/2023

Start: 1:00 PM

Old Business:

Aleonna, 2nd Red Beard Funds for Facility for Endreign / Coronation. Amount TBD. Cobb vs Rosebud. They will be taking a look at the different parks. 9pm – 4pm Cost ($240.00 (140.00 + 100$ refundable deposite)
[Votes] 6 Yay, 1 Nay, 1 Abstain Motion Passed

New Business:

Aleonna 2nd Kalin: Motion to Deport Rainai to Do.


Kalin: Jan 28th Abilene Lib / TGP Mini Con . At They are doing miniatures which includes contests etc. 9am – 6pm . Attendance encouraged.

Lady from a Home school Co op , does a Ball with a Narnia theme with 10 students. At a time. Wanted us to run a boffer pit. Is this something we would want to do? It would be an evening thing. Steph will get with them.

Crown Tournament is Jan 15th.

5$ hotdogs no change.

Best of the Best will have food. Further information will be in FB. See John John. There will be a Knighting.

Feb 25th Kingdom Coronation, with 3 Knightings.

Close 1:22 PM