Skywatch E-Allthing 02/03/2019

Skywatch E-Allthing 02/03/2019

Start: 2:05

Old Business: Need to replace regent due to Lagertha stepping down.

Nominations: Rainai 2nd Cathan

No further nominations

Votes: Yay: 6 Nay: 0 Abstain: 2

Motion passed. Rainai is now the Regent ProTem

Motion from last week for funds for feast. Rainai suggested $30.00 to be set aside for food for the midreign potluck.

Votes: Yay: 4 Nay: 1 Abstain: 3

New Business:

Rainai, 2nd Ouranos, Would like to get $150 for gift cards for A&S prizes. Must have at least 2 people competing for a prize to be awarded.

Announcements: Aleonna “Balls”

Midreign Feb, Kingdom Qualls Feb 10th. Kingdom Coronation Feb 23rd in Brownfield.

There will be a Cross Amtgard SCA party Feb 16th. See online for more details. For anyone attending make note . as there are people in SCA that are banned in Amtgard and vice versa. Please be mindful. Someone needs to ask the BOD about situations such as these as it sets a precedence.

Motion to close: Cathan 2nd Ouranos