Skywatch E Allthing in March for Missed Feb Allthing 03/03/2019

Skywatch E-Allthing 03/03/2019 replacement for February Allthing

Start: 1:58

Old Business: Rainai requested funds for A&S prizes/Gift Cards. Min 2 people competing to be awarded.

Voting: YAY 5 Nay: 0 Abstain: 0 Motion passed

PM Elections: Cathan Nominated to PM, 2nd Ouranos.

Voting: YAY 6 Nay: 0 Abstain: 2

New Business:

Motion by Ouranos for Rainai 2nd Malek: Funds for feast for Coronation. Amount to be determined at the next allthing.

Motion by Ouranos for Rainai 2nd Malek: to set aside funds for Fort Phantom pavilion rental, amount to be determined. See Lagertha for more information.

Announcements: March 30th Kingdom weaponmaster at Iron Gate. Nightglade weaponmaster is next week “Saturday”.

Motion to close: Malek 2nd Ouranos

Close: 2:02