Skywatch January Allthing 01/27/2019

Skywatch Allthing 01/27/2019

Open: 2:23

Old Business: Motion by Lagertha, 2nd by Harlequin for funds to be used at Midreign. The amount was to be determined during the discussion phase of the allthing. Motion by Cathan, 2nd Harlequin to table the business until next week.
Yay: 6 Nay:0 Abstain: 3

New Business: None

Announcements: Ouranos: Midreign Feb 16th will be electing a new ProTem . Any further nominations can be posted but must be present for the vote next week. In addition, Feast will be potluck. Bring food (enough for a minimum of 3 people) or $5.
Aleonna: Guys eat like horses. Statement was declared false by Drake.

Motion to close: Cathan, 2nd Harlequin & Draolf.

Closed: 2:27