Skywatch January Allthing

Skywatch Allthing January 02/03/2023
Open: 3:18
Aleonna , 2nd Kalin: Motion to deport Rainai Turnith Irofist to Dark Oasis.
Yay: 0, Nay 5, Abstain 1 Motion Failed
New: Elfrida, 2nd Rainai: Motion for Funds for Midreign. The amount to be determined.
Next week is weapon master. There will be an award.
Feb 25th , Kingdom Coronation, Knightings for Emerald, Calandra and Kismet. 1 day event. We think the event page is up.
Please check it for details.
Reagar: Arid sun coronation March 26th , Crown Tournament will be March 5th.

GMR: Rainai Nominates VAL for GMR. Val accepts.
Yay: 5, Nay: 0, AbstainL 1. Passed

Motion to close Cathan, 2nd all

Close: 3:26