Skywatch July Allthing

Skywatch Allthing 07/31/2022

Start: 12:40 PM

Old Business: BoD rep is in need of replacement as Gary (Ren) announced at court on 07/24/2022 that he would be stepping down. Aleonna volunteers. Call for other volunteers. Red Beard explains what the BoD does. No one else volunteers.

Vote for Aleonna as Skywatch BoD rep:

For: 11

Against: 0

Abstain: 2

Aleonna is elected to BoD rep for Skywatch

New Business:

Aleonna makes motion to put on the docket for what would be reimbursement for supplies for Hydration station at 30 yr. – Amount 100$. Kalen 2nd, Braum 28ths.

Dogs run past twice and distracts people – Red Bear wants this notice in the minutesa, Braum 2nds.

Pause for dog. Aleonna attempts to stop him and feeds “Jake” burger.

Aleonna proposes funds to be determined for Midreign feast, Kalin 2nds.

Harlequin proposes funds for Abilene Comic Con for Boffers. $150.00 for 30, to be made by Uther, Aleonna 2nds.


Rainai explains GP 30 year event.

Huxley says “Hi”

Skywatch Weapon Master wil be Aug 21st.

Moonlit Meadows’ coronation camping event will be Sept 23-24th in San Angelo

Peace, Love, & Burgers

Imaginary 5$ Hamburgers, no change.

Braum Motions to close 2nd Aleonna.

Close 12:54 PM