Skywatch June Allthing 06/30/2019

Skywatch June Allthing 06/30/2019

Start: 3:35

Old Business: Harlequin’s request for Funds to be used at/for Midrein. The amount was to be determined.

Discussion: Feast for midrign will be Potluck or catered. We decided to go with potluck. We request $75 to be sued if needed to supplement food for the potluck.

Votes: YAY 4 Nay 0 Abstain 0 Motion Passed.

New Business: Cathan 2nd all. Motion to donate the cans of green beans left over from a previous Feast to the food bank.


Kilt: Within a months time he will be stepping down and will need a replacement. Time to be determined. Next allthing we will be electing a ProTem champion.

Harlequin: Midreign will be the 18th of August. Dragon Master will be as well.

August 25th will be the Amtgard persona Fashion show.

Anime Seki: wanting to run a boffer pit but wanting to expand it to all. However they have not responded yet. Still working out details with them. Trying to talk them out of providing the loaner weapons etc.

Motion to close: Braum 2nd Many

Close: 3:51