Skywatch June Allthing

Skywatch Althing Notes taken by: Rainai T. Ironfist
Althing Opens at 6:04PM
Old Business:
● Discord Althing:
○ Test Run done today.
○ Red Beard likes it since his voice was able to be heard today since he wasn’t
able to attend park day as normal.
○ Rainai wants to try again since this one wasn’t advertised until last minute.
■ Kalin motions to try it again, Red Beard seconds.
● Funds for Coronation:
○ Kalin wants $200 for pavilion and feast.
■ Red Beard Seconds.
● Old Business from April: Table
● Fighter Practice and Arts & Sciences Chats:
○ Let’s people know we are here and where, not a
○ Red Beard suggests park discord.
■ Rainai offers to set up park discord using park email.
New Business:
Voting for incoming officers:
● Rainai is running for Monarch
○ 4 For
○ 0 Against
○ 0 Abstain
○ Rainai passes vote
● Aleonna is running Regent
○ 4 For
○ 0 Against
○ 0 Abstain
○ Aleonna passes vote
● No one running for Champion
○ Sunaki volunteers for Pro Tem Position of Champion
■ 3 For
■ 0 Against
■ 1 Abstain
■ Sunaki passes vote
● Rainai wants to see a Social chat on the FB chats
○ Kalin Seconds.
● See kingdom calendar for announcements for the kingdom
● Sunaki posted Crown Tournament Sunday 16 for Skywatch including categories.
○ Red Beard volunteers to Reeve
● 31 July is endreign/coronation for Skywatch.
● Red Beard motions to close
■ Kalin Seconds
Althing closed at 6:14 PM