Skywatch March Allthing 03/31/2019

Skywatch March Allthing 03/31/2019

Start: 2:00

Old Business: Rainai requested funds for Coronation Feast. The mount to be discussed today. After discussion $180.00 for food was determined.

Voting: YAY 8 Nay: 0 Abstain: 2 Motion passed

Rainai’s request for funds for the Pavillion rental and other costs for Coronation @ Fort Phantom. $120.00 was determined for the day.

Voting: YAY 7 Nay: 0 Abstain: 3 Motions passed

As noted on the Facebook group. We need to elect a Chamption ProTem.

Morteus was nominated and accepted, 2nd by Cathan, Braum, and Ouranos

Voting: Yay 5 Nay: 0 Abstain: 5

New Business: None


Thendor of Nine Willows: April 20th (sat before easter) is having a Skyrim based theme for all portions. There will be a raffle for a Dragon Priest Mask, Steal Dagger, Steal sword, Nightengale Blade, and Live steel, Imperial Helmet. The location will be announced. Just show up to be entered into the raffle. If you bring new tech, new players, old players that have not played in 6 months it will be an additional entry into the raffle. The event page will be up shortly. Feast will be Rabbit beef stew, Daedric Bread, and Sweet bread. The event will be 0.00 atm. Follow event page to keep informed.

Cathan: April 21st will be the white rabbit game. Prizes will be determined, and there will also be other Easter themed games run.

Ouranos: Later this year the Anime Seki will be happening. They are offering allot of things to get us to come out. We are looking for a team to work on the details with the Monarchy.

Morteus: Thurg will be comeing out again next Month./

Motion to close: Rainai 2nd Ouranos

Close: 2:20