Skywatch March Allthing

Skywatch Allthing March 03/26/2023
Open: 1:00
Elfrida, 2nd Rainai: Motion for Funds for Midreign. The amount to be determined. Amount determined was 100.00
Yay: 6, Nay 0, Abstain: 1 Passed

Motion by Kalin, 2nd Silent : 10 Year Anniversary Funds. Amount to be determined. Tabled

Motion by Kalin, 2nd Sunaki : Move Allthings for Skywatch to the Kingdom Server under Skywatch Field Channel. And to
Sus out details later for Day and time. Tabled

Motion by Cathan, 2nd Red Beard: Create / use the New Chat feature that was added to FB Groups called Park Days For
For posting pavilion claims and times etc.
Aleonna: 10 year celebration needs to get off the ground and start planning. She will be creating a chat. Its been suggested that if her vote for knighthood passes, she would like to be knighted at Skywatch.
Elfrida: Midreign is April 30th. Looking for volunteers for classes etc.
Kalin: A month out from Midreign please submit any award reccomendations.
Aleonna: Kingdom Weaponmaster this sat April 1st please refer to the Kingdom Calendar. Also Kingdom Midreign is May 20th.

Motion to close Cathan, 2nd Red Beard

Close: 1:11