Skywatch May Allthing 05/29/2022

May Allthing 05/29/2022

Start: 1:02

Old Business:

//Elfrida – Motion to request Money for Endreign / Coronation. Amount is to be determined. 2nd Aleonna

Discussion: //Aleonna – Motion to be tabled until next Allthing

//Aleonna – Motion to temporarily park start time to 11 am so it is a little cooler in order to hopefully get more attendance. 2nd Redbeard, Silent, Nyrian.

Discussion: None

Votes: 11 Yay, 0 Nay, 2 Abstain (Motion Passed)

New Business:

//Aleonna – Motion to clean up the Skywatch Facebook page and to have all old items retired such as , but not limited to Old Pavillion Claim posts, Tick Tock videos, Looking for work etc. Q: Cathan – Would it include File? A: Yes. 2nd by Redbeard


//Aleonna – Decision for 30 year for Skywatch’s contribution. Location still being determined. Some of the ideas: Highland games, Hydration Station, Maid Café, Assassins guild. Etc

Group decided to do a Hydration station. With an Assassins guild on the side.

//Elfrida – A&S nights going to Bi weekly and to the Downtown Public library, you just have to sign a waiver. And a class may be required. The next meeting will be the 9th, and AC is very nice.

Closed 1:26