Skywatch May Allthing 05/30/2021

Start 2:50


Harlequin’s Motion for funds for coronation with the amount to be determined.

/Discussion: Question was asked if an amount has been determined. The response was ‘no’.
//Cathan: Motions to table the item until the next allthing when we might have an amount. 2nd Rob, Aleonna, Drake etc.

New Business:

//Drake Motion to make the BOD park elections every 6 months instead of 1 year. //Cathan I am unsure that is within the purview of the local park will need to check.

//Constantine: Would like to donate a Dagger which was a gift to the 1st iteration of Abiliene’s Amtgard park “Citadel”. Handed over to Sir drake for safe keeping. Drake then gave it to Cathan until we determine where it should go. //Drake Motion by Drake 2nd Redbeard for the above dagger to be the badge of the PM office.



Motion to close //Cathan 2nd Braum
Closed 3:00