Skywatch May Allthing

Skywatch Althing notes 5/28/2023
Taken by Silent
Transcribed by Rainai
1400 Althing Opens
1405 Last Althing notes needed
1406 Althing move to discord discussion opene.
Reporsting general message for revote on discord, next althing scheduled for discord
next month
Ren Motioned, seconded by Kalin
1410 Funds for coronation tabled for next althing.
Move coronation to cobb park vs staying at grover nelson park.
1414 Table all prior old business.
Motioned by Antininus seconded by Aleonna
1415 Open for new business
Post fighter practice announcements in FB chat
Same with A&S for day of notifications to declutter FB
Motioned by Kalin, 2nd by Sunaki
1419 Announcements
Anime Sekai on June 25
Skywatch Crown tourney July 16th
Bids open for feast
Murder of Crows June 24th
Skywatch 10 year Oct 12
Festival of Cygnus-Sep 1-4, multiple skywatch knightings happening at the event.
??? day for A&S, possibly at library
A&S now moved to the library during the summer months
1429 Motioned to close by Ren, seconded by Kalin