Skywatch May E-Allthing 05/22/2022

May E-Allthing 05/22/2022

Start: 1:15

Old Business: //Elfrida – Motion to request Money for Endreign / Coronation. Amount is to be determined. 2nd Aleonna

Discussion: Ren Disagrees, and Braum Suggests multiple Households do Feasts.

Discussion: //Aleonna – Motion to be tabled until next Allthing

New Business:

//Aleonna – Motion to temporarily park start time to 11 am so it is a little cooler in order to hopefully get more attendance. 2nd Redbeard, Silent, Nyrian.


//Aleonna – We need to try and be here next week for 30 year discussions. The location is still pending.

Discussing ideas for 3 day camping event with car pool options available.

July 23rd and 24th Johnson Park Coronation. Regner should have something posted on Facebook soon. //Elfrida I’m working on it.

Closed 1:22