Skywatch Nov Allthing

Skywatch Nov Allthing 11/20/2022

Start: 12:55 PM

Old Business:

Aleonna , 2nd Kalin: Funds for Endreign / Coronation. Amount to be determined. Amount Determined $100. Food will be Stew and Bread.
[Votes] 6 Yay, 1 Nay, 1 Abstain Motion Passed

New Business: Aleonna, 2nd Red Beard Funds for Facility for Endreign / Coronation. Amount TBD


BoD rep. Cathan Nominates Aleonna who accepts the nomination.
[Votes] 5 Yay , 1 Nay, 2 Abstain Election Passed


Braum: Abilene Comic Con in 2 weeks. Sign up sheet and Sign in sheet to be provided.

Aleonna: Best of the Best Jan 21st If you are entering items and unable to make the journey please get with Aleonna . The event is free and in Brownfield. There will be a Knighting.

Red Beard: There will be 3 Knightings at Endrign on Feb 25th.

Intents for local office need to be in by Dec 18th

Crown Tournament Jan 15th.

Red Beard: Is an ***Redacted

Close 1:11 PM