Skywatch Oct E Allthing

Skywatch E - Allthing 10/02/2022

Start: 6:11 PM

Old Business:

Harlequin 2nd Aleonna: Funds for Boffers for Abilene Comic Con that is Dec 3rd and 4th. $150.00 being made by Uther. [Item Tabled]

Aleonna , 2nd Kalin: Funds for Endreign / Coronation. Amount to be determined. [Item Tabled]

New Business:

Aleonna, 2nd Rainai: To donate either Directly or Indirectly (gofundme) a Portion of the proceeds From Midreign to help with Funeral expenses for Psymon. John indicates the funeral expenses have been met. We decided the amount would be 10% of proceeds.

Elections: Will be tabled until next Allthing

Close 6:16 PM