Skywatch Qualls Election results

Skywatch Spring Coronation Elections Results 05/05/2019

Running for Monarch: Red Beard

Cultural: 32 points

Warskill: 3 points

Total: 35 points Qualled, no vote needed

Running for Regent: Harlequin

Cultural: 25 points

Warskill: 3 points

Total: 28 points

Failed to Quall,

Vote Held, Yay 8, Nay 0, Abstain 2.

Harlequin Regent ProTem

Running for Champion: None

Kilt nominated and accepted.

Votes: YAY 9. Nay 0, Abstain 1

Kilt Champion Pro Tem

Other Elections:

GMR: Valance

GM Anti Paladin: Drake

GM Archer: Kilt

GM Assassin: Harlequin

GM Bard: TBD

GM Barbarian: Malek

GM Druid: Rainai

GM Healer: Malek

GM Monk: Braum

GM Monster: Drake

GM Paladin: Drake

GM Scout: Red Beard

GM Warrior: Ouranos

GM Wizard: Dagon