Skywatch September 2019 Allthing

Skywatch September Allthing 09-29-2019

Start: 3:30

Old Business: Harlequin // Motion for Coronation funds to be approved for Coronation Costs, Amount $200.00. Question was raised, why 200$ worth of funds for a potluck? Answer: For ER funds if needed for food and to restock supplies that were used.


YAY: 5 Nay: 0 Abstain:2 Motion Passed

Braum// Motion for a loaner bag to be created for use by newbies. Discussion: Cathan pointed out that Skywatch once had a loaner bag donated by Iron Gate, and that a previous allthing park decision was to no longer maintain the bag and sell the weapons due to the cost of maintenance and constant repairs.

Braum Withdraws his motion.

New Business: None

Announcements: Rainai // War is next weekend. $15 Event fee, which includes 3 Meals, Camping. 10$ for under 14 years of age. The event will provide 8 credits, lots of battle games, and tournaments. We are looking for people for gate, People to run Kids stuff, Hydration station If you are going please indicate it on the event page.

Rainia// We will be staying at Johnson park for the rest of the Sunday for normal parl.

Harlequin// Anime Sekai was last week. They said we did an amazing job. We were one of the only groups that didn’t leave a mess. We will definitely be invited back. He will also remain the POC for Anime Sekai and Libcon.

Rainai // The library has been doing lots of A&S stuff weekly , she will try and keep people apprised, but check the library website for more information

Motion to close Cathan, 2nd all

Closed : 3:44