Weapons master results RC June 19 2022

First off I’d like to say thank you to all the participants in the crown tourney today. I know it was a bit short and different than most so thanks for bearing with me on it.

Thanks to Mutt and Indanago for reeving and to Kymora for helping with the brackets

Now what you are waiting for, results:

1st place Malen with 5 wins

2nd place Halfstar with 4 wins

3rd place Luna with 3 wins

4th place Jade with 3 wins

Attitudes were great for this tournament which made it fun to run.

Shout out to Zander who got there too late to enter but fought bye when needed.

Shout out to Gara for his fighting in this tourney his first time at Ravens Cross.

Cultural showcase was decided to move to the end reign event, so be sure to bring anything you want to enter and show off
per SIR Caleom taken from facebook post june 19 22