Welcome to the new Golden Plains forums!

It’s so wonderful that you’ve decided to pay the forums a visit!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the new forums are finally here. While not quite like the old forums, (an archive of which can be found here) I believe these new forums will better conform to the ways we as a Kingdom have become accustomed to communicating with one another. This means integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google - not only for sharing discussions here, but also for authenticating and signing in with your method of choice.

Please bear in mind that these forums are not designed to be a replacement for any other means of communication, but merely a way to give additional means of communicating as well as having a place to permanently archive and more easily search for information.

Before getting started, please read the FAQ/Guidelines and the quick start guide. After that, browse around and enjoy yourself.

If you have any ideas for ways to improve the forums or general suggestions, feel free to post them in the Feedback section here.


Yay! So incredibly exciting!

Good job. It doesn’t suck now that I found the mobile button.

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Thanks, buddy! It’s my baby.